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So you have decided to make the big switch and go solar? Excellent! You have contacted a few providers and received quotes. Now moving on to the next step; choosing from among the best solar panel installers.
There are a few things to keep in mind before selecting the company that will install a solar panel on your home or business. Things like expertise, appropriate licenses, safety issues and market reputation have to be taken in to account before making that final plunge. As solar panel installation can be an expensive decision, it is best not to choose the easy way out in order to save a few hundred dollars at the start and end up with a below average product or service. By choosing the best possible provider, you guarantee the safety of your property and ensure you get value for money spent.
Solar installation companies can be hard to assess from a standard point of view. There are many factors to take into consideration like; solar panel sizes, company reputation, staff expertise, health and safety protocols and many other issues.
The bright side is that installing solar is not a terribly complex task. Once you are confident you have found the right company and staff to handle the job, you can rest assured you will have an excellent service and product that will stand the test of time.
Essential things to look for in a solar panel installer:
The first step after you receive your quotes is to ensure the company you choose have some basic essentials down pat.
• 1. Technical Know-how
Your installer should have the essential expertise in stalling solar systems also known as photovoltaic (PV) system. Many registered energy practitioners offer structured programs and training for special certification. This certification is proof that your property is in good hands and the installer knows exactly what they are doing.

• 2. Licensed and insured
Any reputed solar installation company should have all the essential business licenses and insurance policies. The specifics vary from state to state but the basic necessity is that all installers have their license numbers on their brochures, business cards and websites. Typical business licenses include those for general contracting, electrical repairs and home repairs.

• 3. Staff expertise and industry track record
Solar panel installation is a growing industry and it has professionals from various disciplines. Contractors who once used to focus on one type of project such as roofing, general repairing or electrical work have now branched out to solar panel installation.
When you decide to choose your installer, it is best to pick one with an impressive industry track record which is specific to installation of solar PV systems.
• 4. Market Reputation
One of the best ways to evaluate any business is through their customer feedback. However it is important to realize that reviews can be misleading. Ratings or reviews can help you identify the good from the better and bad from the worse so in that way, they can help you to identify significant errors in the installers past projects but it’s probably best not to rely on them completely. It would be ideal for you to chat to customers directly and get a feel for the business and its overall work practice.
It is important to ensure the installer you go for have sufficient industry experience, correct licenses and the technical know-how in installation of PV solar panel systems to ensure the job gets done properly.
Now that you have a brief understanding of what to look for in a solar panel installers, it’s a good idea to check on a few local providers and get that first quote before moving on the next step.

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