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Do you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and plan on switching to solar in the near future? Well, you better read about the essentials such as how to choose the right person for the job, choosing the ideal product for your home or business and what it would cost you to set up a solar paneled system at your place. Find out about that and how to find the ideal solar panel suppliers in Brisbane.
The Current Solar situation in Brisbane:
The current situation for residents in Brisbane thinking about switching to solar has been slightly confused by the solar feed in tariff. This is essentially money you get back when your solar system puts electricity back into the grid – this takes place when the panels generate more power than your house requires.
Try and reduce your electricity usage during the day. The comparatively low available solar feed in tariff means that if you are thinking about switching to solar then you will get the maximum benefit from matching the solar system size to how much energy you consume during the day. That means, it is better to use all or whatever power the solar panels system yields.
Keeping this in mind, it is vital to observe your electricity usage carefully. Remember that this varies season to season – for example many home owners in Brisbane will be using air-conditioning all through the warmer months, so bills are normally larger for many during this period. A trustworthy solar retailer should be able guide you to find the system that suits you the most.
Solar Installation in Brisbane
The state of the solar market in Queensland has been very repetitive in recent times. There have been thriving times for solar installers, when, for example when the Government decides to reduce the number of discounts, this is when consumers rush to register so they do not miss out on the current promotion.
The state of this booming market has lured and brought into light an extremely varied range of solar panel companies in Brisbane. Some of these include:

• Subcontract Solar Firms: These include firms that are usually started by industrialists looking to take advantage of the solar market while it is still strong. Normally these businesses will function using a call center. They assess your solar needs by doing a study of your house’s roof and come up with a suggestion and attempt to ‘close the sale’ using pressure tactics such as reminding you of a good deal or offer.
• Appointment based Solar Firms: Like the one above these companies also focus on increasing their sales. Their tactic is to make enquiries through advertising and then fix an appointment to meet you in your home to brief you about solar power. Once there, they will try their old marketing technique where they try and convince you to get a solar panel installed.
• Electricians / Engineers: Numerous electrical firms or private electricians in Brisbane have become competent in solar installation. With the precise certifications and right connections in the area these businesses have grown in popularity mainly due to word of mouth.
• Retailers: Solar power in Queensland has been quite a popular source of energy for a while now. The reviews are mixed when it comes to purchasing solar power through local energy retailers. The pros are; availability of finance, strong company ethics, help in case of repairs or technical support and the cons include; use of commissioned installation companies, you will have to do some additional checks to ensure the solar panel and related components are part of their initial quote.
• Complete Solar power Company: This includes energy retailers and electricians or engineers specialized with solar panel installation. These establishments hire an in house solar designer and have a team of qualified installers. They have a strong work ethic and pride on producing high quality products and services. They are established in Brisbane with years of experience in both installation and design.

Solar panel suppliers in Brisbane

Solar panel suppliers in Brisbane

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