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We have been captivated by the sun ever since humans first walked on Earth. Many ancient civilizations worshipped it and even personified it. Farmers rely on the sun’s heat and light for the growth of their crops and to help sustain generations of people.
Making the big switch to solar can be an expensive one although you can feel about the fact that you are making a positive move when it comes to helping the environment. You will also gain a lot of financial rewards over time and find that the system helps to save a lot on electricity bills and might even pay for its initial cost.
It is only recently that we have come up with the skill to make use of the sun’s brilliant power. Given below is a brief outline about solar power and how it could impact the future generations. There are also many solar panels forum where their uses and benefits can be discussed so it might be worth it to check them before making the final decision.
Solar Power: What is it?

This is a form of renewable energy that is quite abundant around us. It is derived from the heat of the sun and is converted to a usable form of energy which helps to power the appliances around the house or business. Solar is a clean form of energy unlike fossil fuels so it is environmentally safe.
How does it Work?

One of the best ways of capturing the sun’s energy is through PV cells .Objects that looks similar to large mirrors usually visible on many rooftops and mobile solar devices. These pieces work as electrodes, absorbing the sun’s energy, warming up, and generating electricity and energy. In a much larger scale, these plants create power using the sun’s energy. These plants use heat energy from the sun to heat up water and, this therefore helps to power steam turbines. These plants can help to power tonnes of households.
Why is Solar the better Option?

Solar power is extremely abundant and quite infinite form of natural resource when compared to fossil fuels. With the advancements in technology, the materials used in solar panel systems are becoming greener thus reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.
Why are solar panels not more popular? Why aren’t more people making the switch?

Solar like wind power depends on the weather conditions and most importantly how much sunshine an area receives. So therefore areas that don’t get a lot sunshine or parts around the world that have a lot of gloomy weather might experience difficulties using this energy source properly.
Solar power panels are no doubt an expensive option. There is continuous research to try and find affordable ways of harnessing this abundant free resource.
Switching to solar can be exciting as well as daunting. There are many resources both online and around local energy retailers that describe the different options and the steps needed before you decide to make the big switch. As it is quite costly, it is vital that you do your research before moving forward.
Feed-in tolls
This is referred to what you are paid for electricity that is connected to the grid. There are generally two of these:
• Gross feed-in tariffs- this is applicable only two territories- NT and ACT. Households have to pay for all the electricity their panels produce regardless of how much their own property consumes.
• Net feed-in tariffs- This is applicable to other states. You get paid extra for higher amount of extra electricity that is fed back into the grid after your daily use is subtracted.

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