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Melbourne is a great place to install solar panel systems as it has adequate sunshine and a lot of government subsidies which has encouraged a lot of people to make the switch. It is now a great time to make the big switch to solar, which will help save a lot in energy bills as well as provide clean renewable energy. Before making the big switch, it’s important to know how to look for the best solar deals Melbourne.
There are many benefits to having a solar panel system installed in Melbourne:
Making the most of the sun in Melbourne
Melbourne gets around 4 hours of sunlight every day, which is the average each year. With that amount of sunlight, a 1.5 kilowatt solar panel system will produce around 5 kilowatts per hour everyday on average all throughout the year. It’s a great way to utilise this abundant natural resource. You get to save on energy bills whilst providing your household with clean, renewable energy.
Average energy usage and solar power consumption
In order to ensure you get the best solar panel system, it’s important to understand how a business or household’s average energy usage works like. Every household has a different usage pattern but the average home with 3 people has an annual average of approximately 20 kilowatts per hour every day.
Government discounts for home-owners who make the switch to solar
Another good step in identifying the best solar deals in Melbourne is through government discount schemes. Residents in Victoria are eligible for Victoria’s feed in tariff scheme and federal government allowance.

The type or size of discount your get when you install a solar pv system mainly depends on the amount of sunshine your area receives and the size of your system. Under the solar credit scheme, many households are given renewable energy certificates and these certificates come with a certain price that has been agreed with the installer and customer. It is vital to remember that the price for these certificates vary according to the supply and demand. It is the duty of the installation company to inform of what price the certificate is when handing them out to the customer.
Energy bill savings through use of Solar
Residents in Victoria who have made the switch to solar can enjoy various financial benefits by:
• Try and avoid buying electricity from local energy retailers by using the power from the solar panels as it is generated. In order for this to work, the system must be working continuously or in other words use the system when you need to power many appliances such as during the daytime. When you use solar power as it is generated, its value is equal to the amount of electricity you borrow from the grid.
• You can also get credited for energy bills where solar electricity is exported into the mains power grid. When you send back excess electricity into the power grid, its value is more compared to electricity brought from the power grid. According to the feed-in-tariff, you will be paid an amount that is exactly the same you pay for when you buy electricity. These rates could vary from state to state so check in with your local energy provider.
Switching to solar panels can be a great investment but just like any other substantial purchase don’t forget to take the time to do some research and look up the different options available in the market before selecting a system that fit your household’s individual requirements.

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