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Many home owners in Melbourne are thinking about making the switch to solar in order to reduce their energy bills and produce clean power. In order to ensure you are making the best choice, it is vital that you understand what you are signing up to. Do thorough research of the various suppliers and products before signing a contract. Read below to find out how to do that and find the best solar power suppliers Melbourne. Some power systems can be quite costly and any problems you face can add to the overall cost.
Given below are the steps that must be taken when you decide to purchase and install solar panels. It is crucial to follow each step carefully in order to ensure you get the best deal possible and not have any problems.
Know what you are getting into:
Before making the big purchase, think about how this will benefit you and your household. Will it be a worthy investment? Look at the different sizes of solar systems and choose one that meets your household’s daily energy requirements.
Get connected with your local energy provider:
Not all solar systems are the same and likewise not all companies offer the same deals. It’s best to get connected with your local electricity provider in order to know:
• How the switch will affect current energy rates.
• How much you get back in feed in tariffs. This is the amount you get back from an energy retailer for the excess power your solar panel generates.

Find the best solar PV system and shop around for your retailer:
It is extremely crucial that you shop around before settling down on one company and product. It’s better to talk to various solar panel companies about your options and get as many quotes as possible.

Also make sure that the company you purchase from has a good work ethic and the system is made from high quality materials. The ideal way to go about this is by choosing a solar retailer who is approved by the local energy council.
Sign a contract:
When you have chosen a particular system and accepted your quote, you will be provided with a contract outlining all terms and conditions. This is an important step so ensure you read everything carefully before signing in order to avoid surprises later on.
Install your solar PV system:
A highly qualified and reliable installer will do the necessary tasks and provide you with important documents related to the purchase, the written contract and any other helpful information. It is important to keep in mind that in order to be eligible for rebates from the government, your system must be set up by an accredited installer. A well reputed company will always use accredited installers. Ask to see their certificate before the installation.
Connect you system to the main grid:
This is usually done by your solar panel retailer or installer. The solar panel system will need to be connected to the main electricity network for it to work properly. You can also sell back any excess power your panels generate back to the main grid for a financial reward.
Enjoy your new solar system and reap the benefits:
Well done! Now that you have gone and installed your solar system, it’s time to start saving money on your bills. In order to keep it working safely and efficiently, it is important to see that it is installed and maintained correctly. You can discuss any issues you have with the installer.

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