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Thinking about making the switch to solar? Then you are on the right path. There has never been a better time to make the switch as now. There has been a sharp increase in the electricity prices and solar power prices at an all-time time low, its best to make your move now. Before making the switch, there are many things to know such as how it all works, Solar Adelaide prices and how to find the best installers.
What is solar like in Adelaide?
Using the sun’s energy
To ensure you get the best solar power deals, it is crucial that you understand how they work and how the owner benefits from using them. These devices use the sun’s energy and convert it into a usable form of electricity when the sun is nice and bright. The amount of electricity generated depends on the duration of the sunshine and how intense it was.
Choosing from the best deals in the solar market
By finding the best solar panel deals available, you can gain a substantial amount back in return and also enjoy a shorter payback period. Don’t choose a certain product as it is cheap, opt for something that is of high quality and comes at a moderate price tag.
Government incentives: Reward for making the switch
There are many up front incentives offered by the government for people who do make the switch. This is usually in the form of gift certificates which reduce the total cost of having the system installed. Battery storage and solar PV systems across Adelaide also receive generous discounts. It is however important to keep in mind that these discounts or rebates are given out only after the system has been installed.
Solar panel systems are all not of the same price. It is important that you as a consumer do considerable research on various components related to installing solar panels which include the retailers, installers, and warranties and written agreements in order to get the best system.
The cost of your solar system depends on numerous factors. These include the following:
• Support schemes and government discounts.
• The location of the system.
• The number of panels needed.
• The direction the panels will face and if they require tilt frames for movement.
• Quality and efficiency of the panels and inverter.
• Overall configuration and design of the system.
• Overall shipping costs.
• Costs of hiring contractors.
• Agreements after sale.
• Any removal – existing structures or trees.
• How accessible is the roof of the property.
• Preparation of site, cleaning or any structural removal.
• Improvements to existing architecture.
Normally you should expect to pay a little bit more for battery systems and stand-alone ones as they require more detailed design analysis and there is additional cost in the form of batteries and equipment.
How much can you get back in savings?
There are a lot of things that influence whether you are eligible for solar and also the time it will take for your system to start paying for itself. There has also been a drop in the cost of solar so many government incentives have also stopped due to this. You must think carefully before going ahead with this costly investment.
Many electricity retailers have a scheme where they pay you for any excess power you produce. But it’s important to remember that the biggest benefit is from self-consumption. That is using up the electricity as it is generated and to the maximum possible. It is better to choose a system that is appropriate for your household in terms of energy consumption.

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