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Solar has become extremely popular in Australia over the past few years and rightly so as the switch can bring with it many benefits. There are many solar system installers in the country so it can hard to know who to pick. Best would be to discuss your options and go from there.
Here are a list of benefits when you make the big switch.
Start saving from day one: Even though these systems can be costly to buy upfront, that is not the only way to pay for them. Many household owners choose to finance them using pay as you go options which means the system and the installation, monitoring and maintenance and repairs are taken care of by a third party and you only pay for the electricity. This is considerably less than what you would pay if you were going for the whole package so you not only get the full benefits but that too at a much lower price.
Lower period for payback: Unlike many other expensive purchases, the payback period for solar power systems is quite low. Usually it would take homeowners 5-6 years before the total savings equals that of the total cost of the system.
Add value to your property: Installing solar power systems in your household can greatly reduce the overall electricity costs but the other benefit is that solar panels will also increase the attractiveness of the property in the market in case you decide to sell it. This is another reason for making use of the current reduction in solar prices and install one on your property.

Incentives: Make use of them: Along with reducing solar prices, the government has many incentives and discounts that help the public to make their decision. You might be eligible to get back at least 30% of the cost of the total system. It is important to take advantage of the discounts whilst they last.

Consider it as a secure investment: Electricity companies usually have unreliable prices often which are on the high end. However solar prices have been reducing over the past couple of years which is a good thing for people wanting to make the switch.
High quality performance year around: Solar panels are a great investment as they usually come with a long warranty – up to 30 years in some cases. According to many solar retailers, the efficiency of a solar panel reduces to 80% after 25-30 years.
Helpful to the environment: Many homeowners make the switch to solar because it makes sense when looking at it from a financial point of view. However that is not the only benefit. Switching to solar can help the environment as there is zero emissions. You will go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint by trading electricity from local retailers with clean electricity using solar panels.
Independent energy use: Many countries rely on petroleum, coal, oil and natural gas for energy production but the inevitable truth is that it will run out one day. While we continue to consume these harmful energy sources our planet continues to suffer. Switching to solar is great step in the right direction.
Easy to make the big switch: In the past, choosing the ideal solar provider used to be a complicated process. However, in the recent few years, there are so many retailers that you are bound to find the right one. States like Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide have a large number of solar energy retailers competing to offer the best prices to consumers.

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