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More than 35% of Brisbane’s residents have made the switch to solar. This is one of the best figures for any state in Australia. Although there has been an increase in the number of people making the switch it is essential to discuss your options and chat to people before deciding on one product.
What are the benefits of solar and most importantly what are the solar panels prices Brisbane like?
Is Brisbane good for solar?
Brisbane is lucky enough to receive a lot of natural light so it’s the best place to install and use solar panels. On a typical day, Brisbane gets around 5 hours of full sun which makes it one of Australia’s brightest cities. Not using this abundant and free natural resource would be a waste. A lot more people have realised the benefits of making the switch and here has been a steady increase in the number of solar panel installations.
As every household is different, the daily demands differ due to the property size and number of occupants, number of appliances and how the power is used. If a normal house with 3 people uses around 20 kilowatts per hour everyday throughout a year then using a 5 kilowatt system, the energy produced by a house is covered by the system’s output if all the electricity generated is used with waste. There can be a huge difference in price points from various companies so make sure you check the 5kw solar system price Brisbane
One of the main questions a homeowner has to ask themselves is whether they want to utilise the full potential of their solar system and cover their everyday power usage or just balance their electricity bill? This depends on how much savings the household has on a side and if they are able to afford a substantial purchase as a solar panel regardless of its benefits.
As Brisbane is lucky enough to soak in ample amounts of sunshine, homeowners who decide to make the switch also get lots of up front discounts from the government. Depending on how much sunlight a certain area receives, the discount or rebate will differ. However since most of the state is quite bright and receives a lot of sunshine, on average the discount will be around 70c per watt of the capacity of energy installed.

Which businesses and homes are these?
These are ones which can use up the power as their systems produce it which is mostly during the daytime as that is when the sun is at its most optimum. By doing this, home and business owners in Brisbane avoid sending excess electricity back to the main power grid and making the most of their solar panel systems.
Energy storage or using batteries: Other options
A great way to increase consumption of energy from solar panels is to install an energy storage device. Even though it is not widely available in Australia, these devices are thought to become popular in a few years’ time. These devices can increase your consumption by at least 50% depending on how the energy is utilised through the day and how big the device is.
Another option is using batteries so you are sure to have power at all times. One of the drawbacks of solar panel systems is that they don’t work as well or at all during cloudy or stormy conditions. Having a battery can avoid unpleasant situations. Batteries are also great for remote locations where there is less than usual sunlight or if it’s far from the main power grid.

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