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With the increasing rates of energy bills, residents around Brisbane are looking at other energy options and one of the most popular ones at the moment is solar power. People are looking for an affordable and cleaner energy option and solar panels fit the bill perfectly. Before you decide to sign on the dotted line, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Things like how solar works, the different types and the best solar suppliers Brisbane.
How does a solar PV system work?
The photovoltaic effect is a process where certain materials can be made to generate electricity when light falls on them. Solar panels utilise this energy to change sunlight into a type of current that can be used to power our homes and appliances. An inverter is usually used to aid in this process. All excess energy that is produced by your solar system is sent back to the electricity grid and you may be paid an agreed rate or you could store it in a battery storage system to be used later; maybe at night or during a storm.
A solar power system works the best when faced north and pointing directly to the sun. The angle it is tilted must be adequate and there must be no interference either from shade or trees or other objects. The other factor that affects the solar panel’s effectiveness is where we live and the weather around us.
Effectiveness of solar
The effectiveness of the best solar panels is in simple terms how much it can generate in the form of electricity in relation to its surface area. Normally if the system has a high efficiency, the installation costs might be lower as you get more from the specific surface area. The other cost effective option is to go for cheaper panels with reduced efficiency and use many of them to increase your solar panel system’s electricity output.
This might be a little surprising considering solar power systems should be left in direct sunlight, but if left in extremely hot conditions they lose their efficiency. Sometimes you might get more power on a mild day as opposed to a very hot day. It’s important to realise that even on a mild day, the solar panels could get very hot at least by twice the temperature for the day. When you get your solar panel system installed, be sure to check it’s done correctly to avoid overheating. Sufficient air flow is needed to help circulate air around the panels to keep it cooler and in excellent working condition.
The CEC is the clean energy council and one of Australia’s top most organisations which take care of issues related to the clean energy sector. Solar panel vendors can register to the CEC’s code of conduct, which shows that they are willing to comply with the best-practice service and installation. It is a good idea to look for a company that follows the correct practice, has a long-standing reputation, can be backed up by positive customer experience and relevant experience and trained staff.
Does the solar energy system comply with set standards?
It is important to keep in mind that any solar system you plan on purchasing meets the set standards for local and international purchase. In order to be eligible for small-scale technology certificates, your system must be certified – this can be done by asking the installation company for written proof. You can also go over the accredited solar database and check for a list of approved modules and inverters.
There are solar panels Adelaide, solar panels Melbourne, solar panels Sydney, solar panels Perth and solar panels Brisbane. All these states offer incentives and discounts for residents who make the switch which encourages more people to do so.

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