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Why Energy Smart is your first choice in solar panels

Energy Smart puts a premium on your satisfaction. We know that power prices are high and rising. We understand your frustration opening energy bills with prices that just keep climbing higher and higher. Energy Smart is in the business of saving our customers money by providing a level of financial security in an uncertain electricity market.

We want all our customers to feel safe in the knowledge their power system is not only efficient and affordable, but reliable. We want our customers to feel and know they’re getting the best possible price on the best possible system. That’s why we insist that all our preferred and trusted providers offer a 25 year guarantee on all products and services.

That’s because Energy Smart is dedicated to ensuring you get the very best in solar power: the best products, the best build quality and the best prices. We stake our reputation on it.

Energy Smart takes care of everything

We know that purchasing solar panels and inverters is a big decision. From homeowners to business proprietors, we hear no shortage of complicated questions. What will happen during a storm? Which position gets the most sunlight? How do I use it properly? Energy Smart takes care of all your concerns promptly and professionally.

How we save you money in the long term

Imagine getting a cheap solar panel and inverter system. It works fine to start with, but as time goes on, so do your problems. Energy Smart suppliers don’t use the cheap stuff and we would never allow them to sell it to any of our customers. We agree: you deserve the best and they only supply and install the best.

Other solar panel companies use what’s known as a string inverter system. These systems come with a small price tag but they’re far from hassle free. The number one complaint with these systems is a lack of reliable data about the status of individual panels that comprise the system.

Just like a circuit connected in series, if one panel isn’t working right, it brings the efficiency of the whole system down with it. By contrast, Energy Smart believes you should get the best performance straight out of the box.

The Energy Smart difference

Energy Smart preferred providers use a monitored micro-inverter system. This means each of your panels are individually tracked and evaluated against all the other panels in your system. This means they can see which panels are functioning properly and tweak the ones that aren’t.

Their servers download all the available panel data from your system year on year so you can review and compare the information yourself. Their online diagnostic and control systems immediately notify you of any problems with your system. We feel confident in the longevity and quality of our suppliers’ systems,we insist that they offer a 25 year guarantee on every inverter we sell. Yes, a quarter of a century! This means you are assured prime solar panel performance.

You’re not just a customer, but a partner in a long-term investment

Solar panels aren’t just a good way to save money on energy bills, they are real investment for your home, your family or your business. A little money invested in them now will save you thousands as years go on.

That’s why solar panels and inverters installed by our preferred providers are of exceptional build quality using the finest materials available. They guarantee their systems won’t break down, catch fire or get blown away in the next rainstorm unlike other, cheaply made products.

It’s why our providers give their solar panels and inverters a 25 year guarantee on parts and labour. We and they both aim to satisfy every customer, every time. It guarantees that you can purchase your solar panel with confidence. Click here to get 3 FREE quotes for quality solar systems backed by a quarter century guarantee!

At Energy Smart we value our customers and we want your business. We ensure that our chosen supplier partners make a commitment to all customers to refund them for any lost power. These solar power systems are designed to work properly every time, and they guarantee they will.

How Can We Make This Promise?

Through our providers’ websites you can see the panels for yourself. You can tell what they look like and appreciate the quality that goes into them. They only use top-of-the line products in all of their solar power systems, and they don’t cut corners on costs just to save a few dollars.

Most companies that install solar panels use a string inverter system. While this system is a comparatively cheap way to go, it comes with a number of issues. The main issue is the lack of reliable feedback. Because all of the panels are connected in the system, when one panel goes out or isn’t working properly, it affects the whole system.

It can be hard to tell if one panel is not working properly or if the system is malfunctioning or if they’re just not getting enough sunlight.

All Energy Smart’s providers use a micro inverter monitored system. Each panel is monitored individually on the system and is compared to the panels next to it. This lets them see which panels are malfunctioning and allows them to fix the problem right away.

Their servers track your individual panel information from year to year, so you can see just what is happening to your system and how well it is performing. Their website can notify you quickly if there are any problems, and we insist that they offer a 25 year warranty on all inverters.

They can offer that guarantee on their products and service because they have the technology to make sure your system is operating perfectly at all times. That is their commitment to you- optimum performance at every minute.

We Strive To Be the Best

We are always working with our experienced suppliers on ways to improve the customer experience and to increase the value of products and services to you. They guarantee to beat the prices of any competitors, including sale offers.

Their Tier 1 panels are the very best solar panels you can buy. They offer servicing and warranty on every panel and every system we sell, and their value and service will not be beaten.

Solar Power Investment

Investing in solar power as a way to provide energy to your home or business can be somewhat costly. But you should not cut corners by using cheap products to power a solar panel system.

The quality of the parts that make a solar power system directly determine how well the system performs. Because there is a large initial investment in a solar power system, you want to purchase one that will last for many years. That way you can make back the money you have put into it and then some.

With cheap, unreliable parts, however, you will be paying for your system long after the initial cost has been paid for. Poor quality parts can result in a system that catches fire or is blown away at the first gust of wind.

At Energy Smart, we understand that solar power is a long term investment, and one of the main reasons people switch to solar power is to save money. That’s why we partner with providers who only build solar power systems from sturdy, reliable parts that are designed to last.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your home solar panel system, so we insist that our providers back their systems with a 25 year warranty.