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Looking for the best solar energy solution? Look no further

If you’re an Adelaide resident and you’ve been thinking of converting your home or business to solar power, here are a few more reasons to give it a go.

Solar panels and inverters aren’t just a large upfront cost for a use-once product. We understand that people in Adelaide are struggling, especially when they’re facing a high, triple digit electric bill every month or quarter.


Solar panels save you money on electric bills. After three to six years, it will have paid for itself in full. You can’t say that about your hot water service or your car. Generating your own electricity means you aren’t using the power company’s supply. Adelaide experiences 2,800 daylight hours per year on average, so why not benefit from them?

Using your own energy from the sun lowers your consumption. Lower consumption means lower bills. Lower bills? That means more money in your pocket.


Solar power systems from Energy Smart’s trustworthy providers are not only affordable and reliable, but they’re green. Each solar power system their expert technicians install means a lower carbon footprint. This means less pollution in the atmosphere and an improvement in our environment.

Energy Smart’s providers take care of everythingWe know that purchasing solar panels and inverters is a big decision. From homeowners to business proprietors, we hear no shortage of complicated questions. What will happen during a storm? Which position gets the most sunlight? How do I use it properly? Energy Smart takes care of all your concerns promptly and professionally.

State and federal government rebates are also available for customers willing to make the switch to solar. Our providers’ consultants and installers arrange all the necessary paperwork ensuring you receive your rebates, credits and offsets.

That saves you even more money while you help the environment! To get started, get your quotes now.

Adelaide admires our friendly and prompt service

Consultants from Energy Smart’s proven suppliers are friendly consultants. They don’t just provide a one-size fits all solution.They tailor a package that suits your home or business.

Their fully licenced and highly trained installers sit down and carefully plan out your solar panel placement, inverter size and time of installation. We insist they only use top-of-the-line hardware and that they make sure their systems are in it for the long-haul.

We protect your vital investment by insisting that our chosen suppliers provide a 25 year guarantee. They stand by their products and service because we and they believe you deserve the best in solar power.

Energy Smart Deals by Solar Panels Adelaide

When you are looking for solar panels in Adelaide we know you have a lot of choices. But we want you to consider us when you are ready to convert to solar power.

The best time to save on energy deals

We partner only with trusted and respected providers in the industry who have already been for years now. That’s because they put their best effort into every solar panel they install, and we insist that they only use the finest materials to make sure you are getting a solar panel array that will last for years to come.Dedicated Service

We come to you, and discuss what you we can do to make you happy

Our partner companies are not the kind that just give you a rough estimate over the phone. Instead we like them to set up an appointment with clients to come out to their home or business and see the premises for themselves. That way they can provide a free estimate based on your actual needs and give some advice on what kind of solar array we think will be right for you.

Contact us, we can help you for your future energy.

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Energy Smart Solutions

Very professional service offered by us.

We ensure that all our installers have been fully licensed and can install any kind of panels on any structure safely and professionally. Their staff members are always friendly and ready to help you, and they always arrive on time and with a plan of action.

Why Choose Solar

Think about saving energy for the future

If you’re like most Adelaide customers we deal with, then you are looking for a way to save money and maybe protect the environment with decreased emission and pollution. If that’s the case, then we have great news for you. Now is the best time to install solar power in your home or business.

The best time to buy your solar energy system

Solar panels Adelaide has never been cheaper thanks to decreased manufacturing costs and the advent of government rebates for solar users. And Adelaide is a perfect area for solar power all year long. Like most of Australia, it receives ample sunlight to power your array and meet your power needs no matter the season.

We can assist you with your needs call us now!

And our suppliers have an office nearby to assist you with any problems or concerns you may have. They make switching to solar affordable and simple. Contact us today to get 3 free quotes and learn how you could save money for years to come.

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