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Melburnians live in a city thriving with fine food, music and culture. Wouldn’t you rather spend your hard earned money attending one of Melbourne’s premier festivals or events than on your power bill?

With the range of high quality, durable and cost-efficient panels and inverters from Energy Smart’s proven and reliable specialist providers, you can. Their panels are built to save money on your power bills. By harnessing the energy of the sun, you can use that generated electricity to power your home and business. This reduces your reliance on the electricity grid and the amount on your power bills.

Over time, your solar power system will pay for itself. Not only that, it’ll save you money. So why keep throwing money away? Get a FREE quote today!

Go green with Energy Smart

Andrew Blakers, Director of the Centre of Sustainable Energy Systems at the Australian National University said installing a 5kW solar power system offsets the carbon footprint of an average-sized house and a car driving 10,000km a year (2011.) Each tonne of carbon you offset with solar power helps the environment.

By reducing the demand on dirty coal-fired power generators, your solar system takes part in ensuring Melbourne and Australia’s renewable energy future.

Energy Smart’s providers take care of everything. We know that purchasing inverters is a big decision. From homeowners to business proprietors, we hear no shortage of complicated questions. What will happen during a storm? Which position gets the most sunlight? How do I use it properly? Energy Smart takes care of all your concerns promptly and professionally.

Increase your property’s value with solar

Did you know that installing a solar panel will increase your property’s value by an average of 3.5%? An attractive prospect for buyers in an ever crowding real estate market, especially when they can reap the benefits of lower power bills year on year. Click here to find out more about installing solar.

Reliable and affordable

State of the art monitored micro inverter systems are made from highly researched and top quality materials. Our suppliers will help you choose which size system is right for your home or business.

Once the details are finalised, your panels are installed by their friendly and helpful technicians who will determine the best location and setting for your solar panel. It doesn’t take long – installations take four to six hours on average.

Cheap Solar

They will answer all your questions in plain English and give you peace of mind. They also help with securing you any government rebates or offers so you can minimise the initial outlay of your solar panel system.

We insist on a 25 year guarantee on the systems that our providers install so you can rest assured that your system is not only safe, but 100% reliable. We ensure every Energy Smart customer is a satisfied customer.

Why Solar Panels Are Right for Melbourne Home Owners

solar panels melbourne

All over Melbourne, companies and homeowners are looking into ways to save money. These people are looking for long-term solutions to their energy problems, and they want to protect the environment while reducing or getting rid of their electric bill. Solar allows you to do just that. Let’s take a look at how Melbourne is ideally positioned for its residents to make the change to solar energy.

Solar Energy is Plentiful in Melbourne

Melbourne, like most areas of Australia, receives ample amounts of sunlight each year. Even outside of peak sunlight season, Melbourne receives enough sunlight to power a solar panel array all day long. At night, most solar arrays use energy that was stored during the day. In some cases, there are also backup generators hooked up to the system that will kick in if stored power is too low.

But for the most part, the sunlight Melbourne residents receive is plentiful enough to power the solar arrays for as long as is necessary. This makes solar energy a great investment for any Australian city. You’re practically guaranteed a return on your investment.

Solar Costs Lower While Energy Risessolar panels melbourne

As oil and coal become scarcer, the costs of running your energy through these means will increase. That’s not a fact that will change over the years. But the cost of solar energy continues to decrease.

Solar energy itself is renewable and infinite since it comes from the sun. The silicon used in creating them and the manufacturing of the panels themselves continues to become cheaper. Government rebates also make the cost significantly lower than it used to be.

Try Now!

There really is no better time to switch to solar. The sooner you change your power sources over to solar energy, the more you will save.

Save Energy

Melbourne is a big city filled with tons of people. As those people continue to crowd closer together and more businesses and buildings start consuming energy, the city becomes more polluted and expends more energy than ever. You can reduce the amount of pollution in the air and lower energy costs by switching. This improves the environment for everyone.

We Can Help You Convert to Solar

If you are looking at your long-term energy plans, you want a company that is ready to help you make changes for the better. Our solar panel installation companies have helped numerous clients like you make the change.

Best time

Whether you want to convert some or all of your energy generation to solar power,they can provide them for you. They are Melbourne’s leading suppliers and installers and solar arrays. They have the resources and personnel to get you started on a new, cost-effective energy plan.