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Perth’s best Choice For Solar Panels

Did you know Perth and its suburbs receive an average 3,200 hours of sunshine every year? Why not make those sunny days work for you by installing some of Australia’s most efficient and affordable solar panels. Whether for your home or business, solar panels will save you money on your power bills.

Make the most of sunny days

If you’re feeling the pinch from high energy bills, you aren’t alone. People all over Perth and metro WA are installing our providers’ top rated, money saving solar panels to offset their power consumption. This means lower power bills and less hip-pocket pain. If they can do it, you can too.

Solar panels are a long term investment. Over time, the savings generated by your new solar panel system will mean it will pay for itself over time. In some cases, you may generate all your power needs through your solar panels, which means you won’t need to pay for your electricity. Imagine every dollar saved is a dollar you’ll never spend on a power bill ever again!

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Energy Smart’s installers take care of everythingWe know that purchasing solar panels and inverters is a big decision. From homeowners to business proprietors, we hear no shortage of complicated questions. What will happen during a storm? Which position gets the most sunlight? How do I use it properly? Energy Smart’s preferred suppliers take care of all your concerns promptly and professionally.

Get the right solar panel for you

Solar panels come in an array of sizes that suits your residence or business. Whatever your power consumption needs, Energy Smart is here to meet them. Smaller homes may find a 1.5kW array saves them bundles. Larger homes or businesses sometimes require a 3kW or 5kW system to meet their energy demands. No matter the size and no matter the system, solar panels will save you money.

Pay less with government rebates

Energy Smart providers are 100% compliant with the relevant government solar rebate programs. Their expert installers know the ins and outs of paperwork so you can rest assured you’ll receive your money back as quickly as possible.

Why our installers are in it for the long haul

Our qualified and licensed installers come to your home or business. You pick the time that’s right for you. From determining the best location and wiring the inverter to your mains, they make setting up your solar panels a breeze.

Don’t even think about maintenance, as their robustly manufactured solar panels will last for years without needing a service. If they do, it’s covered for FREE under their comprehensive warranty. That’s the guarantee that Energy Smart insist on, and it’s valid for 25 years.

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Did you know you can save money every month by switching your power supply over to solar? People all over Perth are finding out the huge difference solar panels make on their bottom lines.

It’s not just private homeowners, either. Commercial clients can save just as much or more on energy costs by converting to solar power.

Making the Change

Solar power saves you money over time by cutting down your power costs considerably. You will be generating your own power from the sun. And if you convert all of your power use to solar energy, you won’t have an electric bill to deal with again.

Solar panels are a long term investment. But once you’ve paid off the initial cost of the system, you can enjoy the low maintenance, high-energy yield of your solar panels for years to come. On top of the energy savings you will have, you can also receive compensation for the government for a portion of the cost of your solar panels. This government subsidy program is only available to people who have their panels installed by licensed installers. Ours are.

The size of the solar panel system you require will depend on your power consumption needs. Most small homes can get by on a 1.5kW solar PV array. Larger homes or business may require the higher output of a 3 or 5kW system.

How We Make It Easy for You

solar panels perth

Our providers are already set to cooperate with the government rebate program. All of their installers are licensed, and they can sort out the paperwork to file for your rebate immediately. That means you’ll get your money fast. They are also Perth’s leading solar panel installation companies, so they know the unique conditions Perth residents encounter when converting to solar power.

They have the solar panels Perth residents depend on to last them for years. All of their products come with a warranty and the promise that they will service them free of charge until that warranty expires.

Their experienced and professional employees can help you set up a time that is right for you. They will come out to your home or business and inspect the premises. Then they can offer you a free estimate and advise you where your solar panels should go.

Your solar panels can be installed in a single day, but they will last you for many, many years.

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