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You have likely noticed your friends and neighbors switching to solar power. They are using greener, cleaner energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional power methods

Here is what you are already missing out on.

Stability in an Unstable World

The cost of coal and other fossil fuels continue to rise, spurred on by their increasing demand and their decreasing supply. Solar power, on the other hand, is renewable and perpetual. It comes directly from the sun, so the energy itself is free. The parts used to make it come from silicon which is increasingly cheaper to manufacture.

Government Rebates

The government wants to see greener energy sources all over the country, so they are incentivizing solar energy. With a government rebate you could drastically reduce the cost of your initial investment and be paid credits on every megawatt your system is expected to produce for the next 15 years.

Energysmart takes care of everything

We know that purchasing solar panels and inverters is a big decision. From homeowners to business proprietors, we hear no shortage of complicated questions. What will happen during a storm? Which position gets the most sunlight? How do I use it properly? Energy Smart takes care of all your concerns promptly and professionally.

Returns on Investment

Depending on the size of your solar panel system, you could earn back the cost of the system in 3-6 years. Your energy bill will be reduced or completely taken care of every month thanks to your renewable energy source. That’s money right back in your pocket.

Increased Property Values

If you decide to sell your house at some point, having a solar panel system already installed on it makes it an attractive purchase for potential buyers. Homes that produce their own power are hot commodities on the marketplace, improving their owners’ chances of getting a good price.

Protection for the Environment

When you use solar power instead of conventional power sources you greatly reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced. This makes for a cleaner, healthier environment and reduces harmful greenhouse gasses that can damage the atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Make the change to solar power today and enjoy the benefits your friends and neighbors are already a part of.